Execution Makes Ideas Valuable

So many people have ideas and think they are extremely valuable. However they mean little without execution. Execution is everything. It’s the difference between a dream and reality. It’s all about putting in the work and following through. Ideas to me are easy, I have good ideas every day. The hard part is execution and putting in the work and hustle to pull off the idea. Most people don’t want to get their nails dirty and bust their ass off.

People come up to me all the time telling me they have a great idea. People rarely come up and tell me to check a product or company that they have been hard at work on out. I don’t want to hear your ideas I want to see your execution. Execution is more important than ideas. Ideas matter some, but execution matters more. And without it your ideas lack value. It’s time to hustle and put in the work!

I Suck At Estimating

I always underestimate how long things take. From picking some things up from Target, to cleaning my apartment, to estimating when a new app will be completed. One thing I’ve noticed about iPhone apps in particular is the time it truly takes to make a well designed and quality app. A couple of weeks turns into a month and a month easily turns into a few months.

I can be off a few hours for estimating how long it will take for me to go to the mall. And instead of a few weeks I will be off by a few months on huge software projects. The bigger the project the more my estimate would be off by. Which lead to me realizing the smaller the project, the smaller my estimates will be wrong by. I can minimize the margin of error by controlling the size of the project.

Break big things into small things. Instead of a big 3 month project, I will only focus on a section or a particular feature at a time. From 3 months to complete to a few days to complete. I also shrunk to-do lists. From 1,000 things to do, to just 3-10 things at a time.

I’ve never been able to successfully complete a huge list. It’s often overwhelming and stressful. Complete small lists instead. It helps motivate you and you make more progress. It also increases productivity. You should prioritize by only focusing on the core features first. Get your product up and going, then focus on other features and polish.

It’s all about the small accomplishments and achievements that are satisfying and keep you going. Focus on small projects and you will be able to tackle bigger projects a lot quicker.

New Website Design

I decided to update my website. I plan to pump out a lot of helpful and awesome content.

Some key features of my new site:

  • Responsive web design so it looks great on all devices
  • Bigger/easier to read font
  • Minimal design so its fast

Since mobile is huge I want to be able to not only pump out great content but make it easily viewable on all devices, and not look like crap.